Shape-shifters, beings that can change their physical form, are found in many cultures, from tricksters to fierce warriors. Tricksters often employ their shape-shifting abilities to aid or educate humans, and more than one shape-shifter is credited with bringing humans the gift of fire. Shamans and warriors, the spiritual and physical protectors of society, often seek animal forms to assume the strengths of those animals to aid in their tasks.

Wolves are powerful, social animals that live and hunt together, like humans. The entire pack as a hunting unit can bring down larger game than a lone individual. Everyone in the pack is responsible for the nurturing and education of the cubs, insuring the survival of the group. No wonder humans have taken to them over the centuries.

The wolf, in many cultures, was represented in iconography and ideology, often portrayed as strong, brave, honorable and intelligent. In lore, wolves were credited with rescuing and adopting human children, some of the most famous being Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, and Mowgli from the Jungle Book. Many tribes of Native Americans placed important significance on wolves.

Were-wolves are enchanted beings, not necessarily evil, sometimes blessed, sometimes cursed, to walk in two worlds. Shape-shifters, and were-wolves especially, strike a chord with many transfolk. Whether we transition or not, we know what it is like to walk in the skin of another.

While snowed in at the last True Spirit Conference in 2003, Jake Arthur and Ethan Young met Dale Bogucki and began talking about the idea of trans/masculine only leather club. It was an idea Jake and Ethan had been working on for a while. They had already come up with a name, La Fraternitié du Loup-Garou, a French phrase meaning Brotherhood of the Werewolf. With the addition of Dale to the circle, the pack began to take shape.