Membership Levels

Alpha (full) membership is open to masculine gender outlaws who are not full members of any other back patch L/LC, MC, or bear club.

If you are interested in pledging into the club and becoming an Alpha member, you must attend two national meetings within eighteen months. One meeting is to establish a relationship with the club and for us to get to know each other. The second is hopefully when you will get patched into the club. The club reserves the right to shorten, extend, and/or terminate pledge-ships if it so chooses.

Beta (associate) membership is open to anyone trans or non-trans who wishes to show support for masculine gender outlaws in the leather community.

Honorary Alpha and Honorary Beta memberships are bestowed as an honor and without the usual requirements or functions.

Application Fees

All prospective Cubs must include $15 application fee when tendering an application.


Alpha members dues are $50/year and is payable at the annual meeting.

Beta members dues are $25 (one-time payment) and is payable when tendering their application.

Cubs dues are $25/year and is payable at the annual meeting.

Note: In the event that La Garou does not extend membership to you, your application fee shall be refunded in full.