La Garou is always interested in talking to people about possible membership. We restrict Alpha (full) membership to masculine gender outlaws; anyone born female or inter-sexed and raised female, but identifies as either a man or has a masculine gender identity and whose daily life is lived that way.

We would like to ask people who have just begun their gender journey that you refrain from adding the pressure of being a Cub into that mix. We believe that anyone who has just started that journey needs time to settle into that identity and not have our process get in the way of any emotional upheavals that come from the newness of your journey. You may want to consider becoming a Beta (associate) member first if you wish to show your support.

For those who feel comfortable and have been on your gender journey long enough to be confident in it, you must now consider if membership will fit your interests and desires.

Becoming a Cub means that you have a desire to be in service to the La Garou, have a desire to be an active member in the leather community, and that volunteering and social interaction are highly interesting to you.

If you have established that this is something you would enjoy, consider joining our Fetlife group, which will help you get connected to the club. You can then read past discussions, ask questions, and find out more about the La Garou and the people who support the club.

After joining our Fetlife group, you can email the CubMaster with your intent and be prepared to have phone conversations as well as receive emails from anyone who is a full member of the club.

You must attend a national meeting for the club to be put under consideration to become a Cub. You will have to attend a subsequent meeting to finish the pledge process and receive your back patch.

We are a live, real time group. You should see this as a process of becoming a more active member of the leather community. If you get accepted as a Cub your pledge process will be similar to other pledges, but it is highly unlikely likely that any two pledge processes will be exactly the same. We treat people as individuals and know that not everyone has the same opportunities in every area. If there is no leather bar in your town or if there is not much of a leather community, your process would be different from someone in an area with a leather bar and several healthy clubs. We want everyone to understand that pledge processes are not like getting a job or a degree; there is no set process, and what it again boils down to is your interest to be an active member in the leather community.

If you are interested in joining La Garou, you can download the application below: