Courage, Unity, Pride.


To provide social and service opportunities in the levi/leather community for trans male/masculine people, masculine gender outlaws and their allies.


Founded in 2002, La Garou aspires to provide camaraderie and support for masculine gender outlaws and their allies; provide masculine gender outlaws with identity and recognition in the traditional levi/leather community: promote solidarity with and within the levi/leather community; raise awareness and understanding about masculine gender outlaws within the levi/leather community; and engage in various charitable and educational activities.

La Garou supports and encourages participation locally, nationally, and internationally in the leather community by trans and non-trans people. La Garou is involved in fostering a greater understanding of trans people in general, and masculine gender outlaws in particular, within the leather and BDSM communities. With the support and understanding of our allies, both trans and non-trans, we will continue to build bridges and foster growth in the leather and BDSM communities.

While full (alpha) membership is reserved for masculine gender outlaws (who are not full members of any other back patch levi/leather or bear club), our allies are encouraged to show support by becoming associate (beta) members. See our membership page for more details.